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Education Management & Market Investment

Our consultants provide an expert understanding of local market knowledge including, asset purchases, market entry, and competitive scoping.

We have particular expertise in the Middle East, Asian and European markets. We ensure that our clients benefit from expert knowledge and objective market facts before making any CapEx or local market investment. Our core team has extensive experience in market research and market strategy, business development, school asset purchase, operational setup, sales and project management.

Policy, Syllabus and Assessment

Understanding the complex rules of setting up a new education or training programme can be overwhelming, particularly with regards to the standards set by different accreditation organisations. Our team has had many years of working in all aspects of professional education, including policy design and implementation, administration, teaching, assessments and quality assurance.

Delivering an inspirational education or training programme is essential to achieving student success. Our team can work alongside you to ensure that every aspect of programme design, policy management, assessment and quality assurance as well as teaching methodologies are fit for purpose.

Quality Assurance and Course Management

Quality Assurance is the backbone of any successful education or training programme. We can help you design internal verification systems to ensure that all professional assessments have been developed and assessed to your accrediting organisations global standard.

Most international accrediting organisations require strict programme management procedures. At first, these can seem overwhelming, however by working hand in hand with our team to review or help you design management procedures will guarantee a successful vocational programme offer for your centre.

Qualification Design

Some of our clients have a particular training requirement that existing qualifications do not meet. Other clients have excellent training materials but lack international accreditation. We can work with you to design your very own needs either from scratch or taking existing training content and reshaping it into a vocational qualification that can be accredited by an international accreditation organisation.

We can work with you to ensure that your very own qualifications meet the exact requirements no matter the size or level of skill that is needed.

Case Studies

Project Brief: Kick Cancer

Working with Kick Cancer, our brief was to create an educational and community message that raised awareness of testicular cancer among young people.

Kick Cancer aims to tap into the emotive force of football as a catalyst to effect positive change and awareness about prostate and testicular cancer. It highlights the importance of early detection and endeavours to eliminate stigmas surrounding both types of cancer.

We created the Kick Cancer campaign and spread the message by completing the #BinChallenge. With the participation of Barcelona FC striker Luis Suarez whom participated in the campaign by starring in a public awareness campaign to launch the #BinChallenge.

F2 Freestylers also helped spread the message to their substantial online following, demonstrating the #BinChallenge on their channels, which include over 7 million YouTube subscribers and 4.8 million followers on Instagram, and encouraging everyone to take part. The #BinChallenge encourages the public to kick a football symbolizing cancer into a bin, post on social media and tag three friends calling them to accept the challenge.

Project Brief: UAE Pro League Certificate Programme

Our project brief was to design and blended learning programme of executive study. Entitled the Pro League Football Certificate, it was designed to assist in a set of skills specific to football, which aims to meet the requirements for future senior management within the football industry. The certificate programme comprised of three core 3-day modules plus an independent learning module. All of which carefully designed to ensure that graduates had the most up to date football management techniques and administration best practices. Learners also benefited from a London based Premier League field trip to share best practice within UK and international football.

Project Brief: Safeguarding UAE Pro League

Project brief was to design and online safeguarding training package for 300 UAE professional football coaches. Safeguarding is the preventative action taken that will eliminate or limit the risk of child harm. Safeguarding is essential in football to ensure all players have the best outcomes and are provided with safe and effective care, and that they can grow and develop happily and healthily without the risk of abuse or neglect UAE Government since 2007 has taken an active stance in child protection with the Ministry of Interiors Committee for Child protection (MOI CPC), yet Safeguarding in football is a new practice to be addressed not only in the UAE but the region and much of Asia. Other than Australia there is no governing football organization in Asia with an effective safeguarding policy.


Ongoing training for employees plays an essential role in the current business environment. Training is required even after an employee has attained satisfactory understanding of the tasks they are required to perform. The business environment has changed significantly over the years and employees are now required to improve their skills regularly. The benefits of employee training are essential for an organisation’s success.

Our e-learning models or learning for employees allows organizations to develop their knowledge capital. A company’s knowledge capital refers to the skills and information its employees possess. Once a company identifies gaps within the organization, we can customize the training it offers to suit its specific needs with training programmes that will improve employees’ knowledge and skills.

Our training or consultancy can be delivered in person, remotely or through a mixture of both. Training programmes that we design and deliver have the benefits and a positive influence on students and teachers. With the help of our E-learning, clients are able to implement innovative and creative ideas in classrooms/training programmes.