We Believe That Every Person Is Born With a Passion And Drive to Achieve

About Us

Real World Academies is a niche consultancy working in sports and education. We offer specialist expertise in sports executive training, qualification, and syllabus design with extensive experience in Europe, the Middle East and North America.

Our Core Values

  • Global mindedness is an integral part of learning futures
  • Education and learning should be values as well as outcomes-led
  • There are essential conditions, skills and attributes needed for deep learning to happen
  • Professional skills for life can be learnt
  • Intelligence comes in many forms
  • Engagement happens when people learn in context, are challenged and find their passion


We have many years of experience of working in all spheres of education. RWA offers an extensive consultancy service where we work in a concise, systematic and efficient way to ensure that our clients achieve excellent results. We undertake short-or long-term consultancy contracts and provide expertise in-country or remotely. 

Our Partners


What some of our Partners are saying about us

We believe that every person is born with a passion and drive to achieve. Under Real World Academies, our mission is to work with clients that define innovation in education, sports and employment to ensure education and training are fit for purpose in the context of where learning takes place. We work with schools, colleges, professional sports organisations and employers to make learning relevant through passionate, creative and practical-based education.

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