Emotional Intelligence


Growth Mindset

Cognitive intelligence

Cognitive Intelligence is the intellectual ability to learn, retain and use knowledge to reason, recognize, pose and
solve problems.

Interpersonal and social

The ability to naturally perceive and respond appropriately to the personalities of individuals and dynamics of groups.

Career focused Intelligence

Development of the attributes of a highly employable professional and the ability to communicate those attributes successfully.

Emotional Intelligence

The ability to identify, assess, and manage your emotions, and handle interpersonal relationships with empathy.

Mind And Body well-being

An awareness and understanding of physical and mental health and your impact on personal performance and development.

We offer programs designed specifically for athletes to develop the mindset and skills needed to excel in their sport. We focus on cultivating a growth mindset, which is the belief that intelligence and abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work.

 As an athlete, developing a growth mindset can be the key to achieving your goals and performing at your best. Here are some of the ways our training programs can benefit you:

 1. Enhanced resilience: Our training programs help you develop the skills to handle setbacks and challenges more easily. In sports, setbacks are inevitable, and being able to bounce back quickly is essential to success.

 2. Improved performance: By cultivating a growth mindset, you will be more likely to put in the effort required to succeed. Our training programs teach you the skills to set achievable goals, stay motivated, and consistently improve your performance.

 3. Greater creativity: A growth mindset encourages you to explore new ideas and take risks, which can lead to greater creativity and innovation in your sport. Our training programs help you develop the flexibility and openness needed to think outside the box and generate new ideas.

 4. Stronger relationships: As an athlete, building solid relationships with coaches, teammates, and other athletes is essential. A growth mindset helps you build stronger relationships by being open to feedback and willing to learn from others. Our training programs teach you the skills needed to communicate effectively and collaborate with others for tremendous success.

 5. Reduced stress: Sports can be stressful, and managing that stress is crucial to performing at your best. Our training programs help you develop the skills needed to manage stress and anxiety by focusing on what you can control and the opportunities for growth in challenging situations.

 We offer a range of training programs and resources specifically for athletes to help them develop a growth mindset and achieve their goals in their sport.