rwa method


The intellectual ability to
learn, retain and use knowledge
to reason, recognize, pose and
solve problems.

social intelligence

The ability to naturally perceive
and respond appropriately to
the personalities of individuals
and dynamics of groups.


Development of the attributes of
a highly employable professional
and the ability to communicate
those attributes successfully.


The ability to identify, assess,
and manage your emotions,
and handle interpersonal
relationships with empathy.


An awareness and understanding
of physical and mental health
and your impact on personal
performance and development.

 Mindset of Professionalism

When we think of every top professional, no matter if it is in the field of art, sports, music or dance, something stands out about the way they perform or play. Often we look at these people with envy, and wonder how they perform at such high levels and yet present themselves as role models that others aspire to be around or emulate.

High achievers have one commonality, they never give up. They set goals, devise strategies to achieve them and execute what needs to be done. When something doesn’t work, true professionals reassess, reestablish their goals and remain determined to achieve them. We call this Professionalism; it is something which is needed to reach one’s full potential in life.

The idea of professionalism is at the heart of what do with young people. Professionalism is a transferable skill, and we have developed a mentoring plan that teaches these skills. Professionalism can be transferred into the classroom, just as retired professionals athletes or artists have transferred what they have learned into a new career or part of their life. Under our mentoring plan, emotional intelligence is recognised within sports, art, music or dance where it flourishes naturally. We then transfer emotional intelligence into classroom studies and apply the same natural intelligence to formal study and assessments.

Our Professionalism mentoring programme can be delivered as a standalone programme or as part of an integrated syllabus housed within any of our Academy models of learning.