Protecting Integrity of Sports: Reporting Corruption

Maintaining the integrity of sports is a collective responsibility, and everyone has a role to play. Even if unconfirmed, reporting any information about potential competition manipulation is crucial for initiating investigations and safeguarding the sanctity of the game.

What is Competition Manipulation?

Competition manipulation refers to a variety of unethical practices aimed at influencing the outcome of a sporting event in an unfair way. This can include:



Deliberately losing or winning a match by a predetermined margin.



Interfering with equipment or the competition environment to gain an advantage.


Insider trading:

Using non-public information about upcoming competitions to gain an unfair advantage in betting.



Intentionally losing by a specific margin to influence betting odds.


Bidding collusion:

Secret agreements between competitors to distort the bidding process for contracts or sponsorships.

The Importance of Reporting

Anonymous reporting channels are available to ensure confidentiality for individuals who come forward with information. Athletes, coaches, and fans can all play a vital role in protecting the integrity of sports by reporting suspicious activity, such as:


Unusual betting patterns:

Sudden spikes in bets on unexpected outcomes can be a red flag.


Suspicious communication:

Sharing information about unusual communication, like attempts to arrange match-fixing, can be crucial.


Attempts to influence performance:

Offers of bribes, threats, or unusual pressure to perform in a specific way should be reported.

How to Report

✔️ Check with your sport’s governing body for dedicated reporting channels. Most organizations have established procedures for receiving and investigating reports of potential competition manipulation.

✔️ Utilize anonymous reporting hotlines, which often operate independently, allowing individuals to report without revealing their identity.

✔️ Seek guidance from trusted advisors, such as coaches, team officials, or anti-doping agencies. They can offer support and guide you through the reporting process.


    By reporting suspicious activity, you play a vital role in upholding fair play, protecting athletes and fans, and ensuring the integrity of sports for all.