Bolton Wanderers Football Club (BWFC) is launching its Institute of Sport in the UAE, in collaboration with local professional clubs.

The objective of the institute is to provide education for aspiring young footballers so that they become world-class professional footballers backed with international qualifications.

Under the plan, students will be able to enroll in different types of programmes to train and study at the Premier League Club Bolton or locally through one of the professional partners.

BWFC plans to run a number of education camps in the region aimed at identifying local talent for the ProElite Education programme which is a year-long education programme, whereby students train in the same way as professional players in the UK at the Premier League Club Bolton Wanderers FC.

Phil Gartside, Chairman of Bolton Wanderers Football Club and Sir Dave Richards, Chairman of UK’s Football Association (FA) are in the UAE to launch the Bolton Wanderers Institute of Sport within local professional clubs as well as to train students on how they can become professional football players. James Tucker, Education Director of BWFC is also part of the visting group.

As part of the launch of the BWFC Institute of Sport, legendary football freestyler Paul Wood will be displaying his amazing freestyle skills at the NAJAH education fair which is being held at the Abu Dhabi International Conventional Centre from October 18 to 20. Wood is a former football player and coach who now entertains audiences worldwide.

“As a leading football club with rich history, Bolton Wanderers is excited to launch its education programmes to youngsters in the UAE through our local partners,” said Phil Gartside, Chairman of Bolton Wanderers Football Club. “There is tremendous football talent in this part of the world. Today, we are laying the foundations of an institute that aims to educate world-class footballers.”

“There is a clear lack of opportunities for young footballers to develop their talent in the UAE,” James Tucker, Education Director of BWFC added. “This calls for systematic and long-term training programmes to nurture footballing talent from an early age. This Institute of Sport promises to provide the right guidance and training for promising footballers in the region.”

During the visit, BWFC will be signing an MOU with Shajah Football Club and Sharjah Institute of Technology (SIT) as part of its plans for the region. Under the MoU, students can study different types of sports courses at the BWFC Institute of Sport where they will graduate with an Edexcel qualification as well as its local equivalent.

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